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Quanta Intelligence is a Business Intelligence and Data Architecture consulting firm led by Carlos Bossy. We focus on SQL Server and the Microsoft platform to give you the finest solutions possible and we have a superb track record for delivering projects. Carlos has 25 years of IT experience in software and database management and development and is a certified Business Intelligence Consultant.




Carlos Bossy

President/ Expert BI Consultant

Phone: +1 303 921-1222


Mr. Carlos Bossy, IT Business Intelligence Consultant, delivers knowledge and skills from 25+ years of technology experience. Throughout Carlos Bossy’s career, on each and every project, he has demonstrated professionalism and skilled tactics within this complex systems industry that have yielded a very high degree of successful implementations.

Carlos is skilled in various systems-necessary traits; such that, his ability to follow through on all phases of a project’s deployment allows Carlos to adapt and achieve successful results within the design, development, management, testing, training and deployment phases. His skill sets extend the range, from low-level programming, through SQL Databases design and development, and onto Internet-based products, managing and training along the way. Mr. Bossy is a Consultant of Business Intelligence and is a Systems Architect, evidenced by the many technical skills and certifications listed below.


Gabriela Bossy

Business Manager

Phone: 303 621-6808


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